Phone and Tablet Repairs

iPhones, Androids, Smartphones, and Tablets

Cracked Screen

Got a cracked screen? We can replace most current smartphone and tablet LCDs.

Water Damage

Did your device get exposed to moisture? Bring it in to one of our stores quickly for a water damage treatment! 

Battery/Charging Issue

Is your battery dying too quickly? Is your phone not charging at all? We will figure out if you are experiencing a battery or a charging port issue, and replace it for you.

Camera Issue

Does your camera not work when you open the app? We can replace the camera in your phone or tablet.

Speaker Issue

Are you unable to hear people while on phone calls? Does your device not make any sound? Bring it in to one of our stores to get it diagnosed and fixed! 


Are you experiencing some other issue? Bring your device in to the store so we can diagnose the problem. 

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