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Cracked Screen

Got a cracked screen? We can replace most laptop LCDs. Call or send us a message for a quote.

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Battery/Charge Issue

Is your battery dying too quickly? Is your laptop not charging at all? We will figure out if you are experiencing a battery or a charging port issue, and replace it for you.

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Water Damage

Did your device get exposed to moisture? Bring it in to one of our stores quickly for a water damage treatment! 

Windows Laptops, Desktops, and Mac Computers

Computer Repairs


Power/Booting Issue

Is your device bootlooping? Are you unable to access your OS when you turn it on? Will your device not turn on at all? Bring it in to one of our stores for a diagnosis!


Keyboard Issue

Are certain letters not working on your keyboard? Is your keyboard not working at all? We can perform a diagnosis and replace the keyboard for you!


Trackpad/Mouse Issue

Is your mouse not working on your laptop or PC? Bring it in for a diagnosis and we will figure out what the issue is. 


Speaker Issue

Are the speakers on your laptop not working? We will diagnose the problem and fix it for you! 


Data Recovery

Do you need to recover the pictures, documents, or data from a damaged computer? Bring your device in to one of our locations for us to attempt to recover your valuable data!

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Do you have some other issue with your computer? Leave a message or call one of our locations to figure out if we are able to repair your device.


We can help you upgrade the hardware of your laptop or computer! If your computer is not powerful enough to handle certain programs or games, leave a message or call one of our locations to ask what upgrades are possible for your model of computer.

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