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Game Console Repairs

PS4 Models, Xbox One Models, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo Switch


Is your disk tray not ejecting properly? Are games getting stuck inside your console? Bring it in for repair!

Disk Tray Issue

HDMI/Display Issue


Is your console not putting an image on the TV screen when it is on? Is the HDMI port on your console damaged? Bring it in for a diagnosis and repair.

Controller Issue


Is your controller not connecting to your console? Is it only one controller or do none of your controllers connect? Bring your console and controller in to one of our locations for us to diagnose your issue.


Power/Startup Issue

Is your console not powering on? Do you get an error message when you turn it on? Bring it in for a diagnosis.


Harddrive Upgrade

Are you tired of deleting game files to make more room on your console? Do you not want to use external hard drives to store new games? We can upgrade your Xbox One or PS4 console's HDD to a much larger size or even up to an SSD!


Gamepad Screen

Is your Nintendo Wii U or Switch gamepad screen cracked? Bring it in to one of our locations to replace the screen.


Diagnosis/Other Issue

Are you experiencing some other issue with your console? Leave a message, or give us a call to figure out if we are able to fix the problem.


Nintendo Switch Battery Replacement

Is your Nintendo Switch console running out of battery too fast? Bring it in to one of our locations to replace the battery.

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