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Micro soldering Repairs

Motherboards, Microchips

Soldering circuit board

What is it?

Micro soldering repairs involve fixing microscopic wiring or replacing faulty chips on motherboards. 

Types of Repairs

Audio IC Chip Issue:
iPhone 7 speaker phone and ear speaker make no sound during phone calls 

Baseband IC Chip Issue: 

Phone shows No Service/No WiFi 

Backlight IC Chip Issue: 

Phone will turn on but backlight will not, even after replacing the screen

Touch IC Chip Issue: 

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screen has no touch, even after replacing the screen

Onboard Charging Port Issue
Samsung phones won't charge due to faulty charging port fixed to motherboard

PS4 HDMI Port Issue:
PS4 will not show up on TV screen at all

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